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Acceptable Posts

We will accept unique and interesting articles about WordPress. The articles need to be original concepts, The articles need to be original concepts, compelling arguments, and high-quality writing. We will not publish anything that’s been published elsewhere.

We will accept SEO related, marketing strategies, plugin reviews or any article that is related to WordPress or web Publishing.

Unacceptable Posts

Some articles that wont be accepted are:

  • Previously published blog posts. Please do a thorough research.
  • Link-building scheme. 
  • Too promotional content for your company or organization. 
  • Offensive or inaccurate articles. 
  • Articles that’s overly critical of individuals or companies — please do not post your grievances.

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    Terms & Conditions:

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    • Guest posts wont be allowed to be posted elsewhere, whether in your blog or sites like LinkedIn, Medium, or Inbound.org afterward.
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    • We reserve the right to delete/reject your post in the future.