Documentation: Advanced Options in Slider

Slider Advance Options

These options are only available in pro version of the theme. Here is how you add it to your website. Goto Appearance-> Customize-> Sortable Sections-> Slider -> Slider Advance Options. you can change following:

Advance Slider Options

  • Transition Speed – Duration of transition between slides (in ms)
  • Transition Effect – Transition effect. Can be “slide”, “fade”, “cube”, “coverflow” or “flip”
  • Loop – Turn in┬áto enable continuous loop mode
  • Zoom Effect – Add zooming effect on images
  • Autoplay – Enable automatic Transition
  • Navigation – Enable Navigation arrows
  • Pagination – Enable Pagination buttons
  • Scroll Bar – Enable Scroll Bar
  • Image Overlay – Add Image overlay to slider images
  • Image Overlay Opacity – Control Overlay Opacity

Don’t forget to click publish to save your changes