Documentation: License Renewal

Our themes are licensed for one year at a time. After that, you may renew your active license.

What happens if a license is not renewed?

  1. Automatic security and feature updates will be discontinued.
  2. The download link in your account will be unavailable.
  3. You will no longer have access to technical support for the item.

Will my theme function with an inactive or expired license?

Yes, it will, and this is perfectly legal.

However, if your theme was not activated with license key prior to your license expiration, you may not be able to activate the pro theme after your license has expired.

Note: If you decide not to renew your license, your pro theme may become incompatible over time, due to the lack of updates.

Are there lifetime licensing options?

Currently we do not plan to support lifetime licensing options.

If I have a testing server (staging site) and then move it to a live website and, do I need to re-activate my license on live site?

Yes, we currently match the license with the domain, hence the need of reactivation. If you are on a staging site, then move to live site, you will need to contact support and tell us to remove the staging url paired with the license.