FlexiVerse – the ultimate WordPress theme powered with full site editing that offers unparalleled flexibility and versatility! Elevate your website to new heights with its user-friendly design and a plethora of customizable patterns.

With FlexiVerse, you can effortlessly create a stunning and unique online presence. Showcase your content in style with 16 easy to use customizable patterns, and choose from a wide range of color schemes to match your brand identity. This responsive and mobile-friendly theme ensures a seamless experience for your visitors across all devices. Whether they’re on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, your website will look impeccable.

FlexiVerse can be used to craft profession sites for wide range of business as it offers patterns that can be matched to all businesses. Stay ahead of the curve with regular updates and dedicated support from our team. Unlock the true potential of your website with FlexiVerse. Download now and embark on a journey of creativity and success!

Advance Typography

Good typography improves readability and the time users spend on your website. Our themes support multiple Google fonts and you can even customize them.

Breadcrumb Support

Our themes offer breadcrumb trails that present the visitors with information on where they have navigated and how to conveniently return to a page they visited before.

Browser Compatibility

We ensure that all of our themes are compatible with the popular internet browsers. It’s important that your website performs well for everyone who visits it.

Dropdown Menu

You can easily add drag-and-drop menus with our themes. They help users find information and browse through different sections of your websites.

Featured Content

Featured Content lets you choose specific pages(free), posts, category or custom items to highlight in a special way for your visitors.

Free Features Pro (Premium)
Super Easy Setup
Color Options for various sections
Pattern: 404 Error Page
Pattern: Archive Title
Pattern: Default Footer
Pattern: Default Header
Pattern: Latest News
Pattern: Main Banner
Pattern: Services
Pattern: What We Do
Pattern: Hero Content
Pattern: Call to Action
Pattern: Gallery Masonry
Pattern: Hero Content Two
Pattern: Key Feature
Pattern: Main Slider
Pattern: Post Title
Pattern: Recent Work Carousel
Pattern: Recent Works
Pattern: Services Carosel
Pattern: Skills
Pattern: Tabs
Pattern: Teams
Pattern: Testimonials Carousel
Block: Skills
Block: Masnory
Block: Popup Video
Block: Header Search
Block: Header Social
Block: Icons
Block: Slider
Block: Tabs